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gerberaBorn in 1955 in Somerset, England, Christine has had a life-long interest in drawing and painting. She has spent years trying out pretty much all the various media available; beginning with oils and then other media some years afterwards.

Her first website created was a long time ago...1998, in fact...and the current one has been around since 2001, continuing today in the same, simple and straightforward manner.

Although it is widely assumed that artists always produce large works, Christine has in recent years preferred the opposite direction, finding her best pieces in the small-format art style (works generally smaller than 14 inches/33cm in one dimension). The paintings are traditional in subject-matter but may vary between landscape, flowers and still life. She avoids trendy influences and paints only those things that interest her directly. Timeless traditional rather than short-lived and faddy. There might be the occasional abstract-style experimental piece, just as a way of mental relaxation. Christine also has a liking for monochrome works, in charcoal, pencil, pen and ink, and similar black and white media.

Christine has had membership with several online galleries, and is currently settled with the American site, plus the British site   Although not producing a painting every day, she has used the experience to speed up her production and learn to paint smaller and better pieces. These may be in oils or pastels.

Christine does not at this time belong to any art groups, other than the British-based national SAA (Society of All Artists). She has a strong interest in craftwork but does not actually make items for sale; particular interests are pottery and woodwork, also lino-cutting and other forms of print-making. If she could not paint, she would certainly consider one or more of these activities.

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