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In February I shall be taking a long break from membership and therefore, for the foreseeable future, there will be no new paintings posted to my gallery on that site. The usual updates on this blog, for DPW entries, will cease with immediate effect. Nothing is wrong....but at this time I simply can't keep up with the ongoing pressure of trying to paint something on a daily basis. Over the next few months I am also going to be caught up in a fair amount of house renovation; attempting to paint in anything like a serious manner will just be impossible.

Posts here will continue, but only when I have a piece of work finished. I would like to cut down on the plethora of little sketchy pieces and look at completing just a handful, over the next six months or so. There is little point in amassing a body of work, only to have it stored in boxes because no-one is interested in viewing pastels, or graphite, or whatever that just happens to NOT be on canvas. I am looking at new pastel techniques and want to be able to play with them without the pressure of completing a "finished" work. I'm also contemplating some quite different subject material and therefore don't want the bother of a daily painting "must post something" hanging over me.

Painting is a heavily intellectual exercise. Sometimes I just want to climb down from it and be creative at a lower level. I've dragged out an old rag rug and am gathering bits and pieces to finish it off. The work doesn't tax me as greatly as painting. The problems to solve are less demanding. It's....just easier, less tense, with fewer disappointments.

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