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Fruit Dish and Spoon: pastel 10x10 inches

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This was worked on a sheet of watercolour paper that had been coloured with acrylic paint and then coated with clear gesso. Despite the gesso coating, I found that the paper texture still came through and created a rather more "pitted" surface than I had intended....but nonetheless I decided to complete the picture and accept it as it was.

I had some fun with the fruit. Having set it all up, I photographed it because I knew I wouldn't be able to leave the fruit in the dish overnight. At the end of the first working session (a couple of hours) the fruit had to go back into the fridge! On the next occasion, I took just a few slices of the fruit (peaches) and worked with them for their colour, but had to rely on the photo for their actual positions in the dish from the previous day.

The glass dish is quite an old one, a lovely blue-green colour with frosted panels. I hope to use it again for another still-life at some point.

The spoon was worked with several dark greys and one or two fact I found it more interesting to do than the dish, and have now generated some further ideas about metallic surfaces for future set-ups.

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