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Pause for Tech Problems

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Due to the crash of my main computer, after a virus attack, I am rather hobbled for accessing my website and this blog; so for the time being there won't be any further updates of new paintings. Most of my files are on back-up but it's a long job to extract them...I'm going to have to get a new computer in any case, and it'll be a completely new system. In the meantime, I am now back on, to which it is easier for me to upload new paintings because they have FTP, do check in there from time to see what I have. This blog is hosted under my own website and I can't access the files on that either, right now!

I do have a couple of small oils completed now, and a pastel just awaiting final touches...they haven't been photographed yet, though. Select my DailyPaintWorks link on the menu in this blog.

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