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Exhibition Time

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I've reached that point in the year when selecting and framing work for local exhibitions is occupying most of my time, so there's no image this week for the blog.

During my annual rummage through work, I often come across pieces that I've done and put away, and forgotten about; it is interesting to compare work done over a period of a year or so. I also re-discovered some old pieces done in the now defunct Carbothello pastel-sticks.....they produce pastel-pencils that are very good, but I used to love the square-section sticks, since it was possible to create broader strokes. Finding these pictures again has given me some new ideas. In fact, I still have some of the old Carbothello square-sticks, they must be all of forty years old now! Would be nice if they made them again, but I don't suppose they will. So, back to the framing....hope to have a new picture completed for around this time next week.

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