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Coastal Burn: pastel 10x7 inches

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The recent holiday was very, very wet and although I had taken my pastels and oils away with me, I had very little opportunity to use them. Today's image is a pastel drawn directly of the view from the window of the holiday-cottage. The scene was dark, rather dreary but with enough mid-morning light to cause sparkle on the waters and create some kind of atmosphere. This small stream (or burn, as they are in Scotland) is heading directly out to the coast. The vegetation was dense but quite short, with purplish-green grasses and other wild plants along the water's edge. Out at sea, several lines of breakers were active on the distant rocks. A rain-filled sky with some patches of scattered light fill the upper section.

The pastel was done on a hand-textured piece of watercolour paper, creating a rather more broken and diffuse range of colouring than is usually produced on standard pastelmat card or other ready-made surface. The pastels themselves were a mix of bits and pieces, rescued from the main pastel-box prior to holiday, so that I didn't have to take the whole collection.

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