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New painting coming shortly...

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I noticed it's been 10 days since my last post, so just a quick update....a new oil painting is in progress, a sunset, around 16x12 inches which I hope to complete this week. My local group's annual Christmas show is just over a month away, so now is the time to sort out the four pieces that I'm going to display.

My earlier work "Hartland Cliffs" was quite a large one for me, using oil-bars with oilpaint....I enjoyed doing that one and the current painting is also using the same mix of paint. I plan to sort out more ideas for incorporating these oilbars into paintings. They seem well suited to things like rocks and other subject-matter requiring broad texture-like treatment.

I am looking through my ideas-book also for my next pastel painting; the recent two used a hatching technique that seems to have attracted quite a few views on Pinterest, so I'll be looking to explore that further. gallery on DailypaintWorks is now closed, I am sad to leave but it is not economical to remain right now. I have re-established a gallery at, where I've been Artist of the Week for the past seven days.

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