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Post no.100---"Pigeons at Old Conwy": oils 12x14 inches

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Well, here we are at post number 100, as the year draws to a close. A year of mixed blessings and a few departures, but one in which a lot more paintings and drawings were planned and completed. And more experimenting, more mistakes, more failures, but more variety in the process.

Today's painting looks over the old walls in Conwy, North Wales (painting has been a little cropped at the bottom). While walking this wall, in almost every nook and cranny you may find pigeons or seagulls, sunning themselves or settled down on a chimney to snooze. This was painted on Arches oil-paper, which permits a lot of thin washes and, when required, extra detailing with pencils. The paint dries fast and colour can sink in and become matt; but that isn't always a bad thing when painting buildings.

I have been thinking a lot about where to go in 2018, painting-wise. Having departed from DailyPaintWorks (more due to the monthly membership cost than anything else), I am remaining with Original-Art-Under100 and have re-established images at I have perused the entire list of "places to sell your art" promoted at and have come to the conclusion that very very few of them are viable propositions for my items. In fact, one or two that I contacted for more information never even bothered to reply, so it doesn't say much for their set-up.

There's also "where to go" in terms of HOW I am drawing or painting. My subject-choices rarely match what people want to buy, so that is always difficult. I plan to continue with pastels, since storage is relatively easy, being flat sheets of paper. Recently I've started experimenting with monotypes, using a glass sheet and various paints. This is a liberating process, requiring few materials and is open to all kinds of interpretation. I do not have a print press, but monotypes don't necessarily need one. I can spend several hours working through fifteen to twenty creations; many are failures but a few come out quite well. I shall be increasing my study of this process during 2018. There are many effects and textures produced that simply cannot be emulated through ordinary painting.

Finally....I'm thinking (only thinking at the moment) of changing the blog platform. This one I use is OK but has limitations. More on that later.

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