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Website/blog changes planned

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My statement last Monday about considering a new blog platform looks like it will have to be a reality in the coming weeks. There seem to be regular difficulties with log-in, amongst other things.

I am setting up a second blog at the SmallArtStuff website; it isn't quite ready to run yet, but not far off. It uses a self- installed WordPress system, so I am currently on a learning-curve. When it launches, I'll use it as an interim measure for this Flower and Landscape blog. At that point, I'll then go ahead and build a new Wordpress blog for Flower and Landscape on its present host server. I only have one database facility with my hosting plan, so that means the whole blog will have to come down in order to install the new one. I'll try and transfer posts across but it probably won't be very easy.

Why run two blogs? Well, I'm aiming to keep one (SmallArtStuff) focused on small-format paintings and other styles such as scraperboard and monotypes , while Flower and Landscape will continue to stay with slightly larger pastels and oils worked in the traditional way. That's the plan....we'll see what happens.

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