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"Lantern": pastel 11x8.5 inches approx.

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"Lantern" continues the cross-hatching process, using various greens, blue and yellows for the window area; also the frame and sub-levels of the grey-white walls. The lantern was drawn in with harder dark pastels but an attempt made to keep the edges from being too sharp. Softer greys were scumbled over the wall sections and stepped areas of the window-ledge. The lantern did have a handle that clashed with the window-frame area, so I left it out. The work was probably ended a little too soon, but I preferred to keep it understated and a bit more sketchy.

The Wordpress blog at SmallArtStuff is now completed and running, and the main domain pages reconfigured to hold the new navigation menu. I still can't decide whether to replace "Flower and Landscape" with a new blog platform or not. The problem lies with losing all the old blog posts because the export/migration process from Dotclear to Wordpress appears to be unsupported by plug-in software.

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