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End of Year Deliveries

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Things are getting busy now, and I am not likely to have much more time for painting, this year. It's not too late to make a painting purchase from either of my websites, but I'll be making 14th December the final postout day. After that, I'll resume deliveries in the first week of January. After long consideration, I've decided to keep this blog as it is, in the Dotclear templates. I don't want to really lose two years' worth of posts from the search engines; and it appears there is no longer any supported software to migrate Dotclear posts to Wordpress. So, no changes. The new blog at SmallArtStuff will continue to cover my smaller pictures and any experimental work. To those who have bought pictures this year from me, thank you for dropping in at my galleries, and I trust you are happy with your choices.

I might manage another post here before year's end, so more later....

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