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Starting a New Year

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As 2017 draws to a close, I am now thinking about what paintings to get underway with. The last couple of years' sales and general web-stats have provided me with some insight into where I should be focusing some more effort.

There is still a definite trend for larger paintings; and even though I don't tend to produce large works by choice, I am now having to consider it. These would be in oils but I'm also experimenting again with acrylics and working on several more abstracted pieces. These will, for the time being, be simply based on shapes and colour-balance. I have found the process of layering paint to be rather interesting, since it can be done quite quickly due to acrylic's fast drying properties. I will also use the power of sharp contrasts (tone or colour) to try and create some interesting images.

Oils take longer to dry and I will be looking at how to utilise liquin impasto medium in a work. My Sennelier oil-bars have proved to be interesting tools; they were used with oils to paint "Scintillate" (in an earlier post) and I was pleased with the final result.

Cloudscapes were going well through 2016 and have done so again this year. I need, at present, some more outdoor study and sketchwork for these but that will come.

Some pastels have sold this year too, but I may create fewer for the Internet and more for local area exhibition; smaller ones will most likely go onto the SmallArtStuff website.

Last post's abstract work in progress is now finished, unfortunately I can't photo it right now...I normally do this outdoors and the weather is wet and very windy.

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