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New painting and website templates

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Finally, a new small oil painting is completed and just drying off, will be photographed shortly when safe to pick up. Size 8x8 inches, on gessoboard.

Every couple of years or so, I re-consider the website layout. The current templates serve o.k but are starting to look a bit ragged, with various things that have been added in during the past two years. I have been looking around for some new ones. I think I've found what I need and am currently working up the coding for them. The gallery pages will, I hope, have a tidier look to them when finished. Navigation remains on the left side for most pages; but the gallery-style pages will carry a top menu instead.

Most pages will keep their identity, such as "sold", "links", etc; but a few will change; the 404 error page will be configured to assist.

I am also giving up with Paypal buttons on the website. Not many people have made use of them; enquiries have been followed through with Paypal invoicing instead. I am also aiming to make more of my connections with, since this gallery has been finding buyers for me quite regularly.

The only thing that won't change is the blog. I did think again about using Wordpress, but, so many templates are entirely unsuited to displaying paintings. I use one of them for don't want to repeat the same thing.

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