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Honister Pass: oil 12x9 inches

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Very busy week, no real time for painting, but here's the second of two small oils completed a week or so ago. The Honister Pass in England's Lake District is a spectacular route through steep-sloping mountains, offering amongst the best views in the country. This painting is based on a view from near the slate mine.

The painting is on canvasboard. The slopes were mapped out in thin turpsy wash, using burnt sienna and a little cobalt blue, then left to dry. Various mixes of ultramarine blue, cadmium orange and cadmium yellow were used for the foreground grass-slopes; alizarin, ultramarine blue and off-whites for rock faces and more distant features. My usual colour-set is ultramarine blue, thalo blue, occasionally cobalt, cadmium yellow, pale cadmium yellow, cadmium orange; alizarin crimson, titanium white.

I might possibly add a shadowy glaze to some of the rocks on the right in due course, but it's a bit early yet...just leaving things to dry before doing more.

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