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Reading new books

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I have a small oil two-thirds completed, but decided not to put it up as a work in progress because I don't really think most people are fussed about seeing half-finished pieces. It is a small still-life, worked directly from the items set up on my usual window-ledge. My play-time pastels have been going along quite well, although I don't have anything substantial to display at the moment.

I recently picked up two books...."Experimental landscapes in watercolour" by  Ann Blockley and "Pastel innovations" by Dawn Emerson. I rarely do watercolour, but the book is highly valuable for the various techniques and I could probably consider a number of them as backgrounds for pastel work. Dawn Emerson's book includes very unusual techniques, including pastel on monotype which is something I was playing with late last year.

I have selected one of her exercises using charcoal as the main base for the first effort almost worked out well, so I'll be trying another as soon as I get the opportunity.

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