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Pause for Framing

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I have a few paintings to photograph, but have cut back my working time on new ones in order to get on with some framing. I have a lot of other work to do as well, now that summer weather has arrived and this means more time outside (but not painting or drawing). I am also reaching a point in life where long-standing art group memberships are starting to fade....there are no new possibilities on the horizon at present. I will probably simply push on alone, as I have done in the past.

Longer hours spent on larger canvas paintings may be coming to an end, too; there are few local outlets for them and I don't have the room to store many. I am looking again at small-scale paintings; under six inches. I already work fairly small in general and concluded long ago that these sizes were best for me. Not in pastel, though....small paintings are tricky with this medium. I am re-considering acrylic at this scale, due to its fast drying time; I prefer oils, but may be able to include it for final layers.

Next time I hope to post one of the newer pastel images.

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