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Hot weather and Internet changes

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Very high temperatures in England this week have been tiring and I have only just completed a small pastel, which will probably go online early next week. I've also been busy with framing work, so not much in the way of new images to show. I had recently announced that I would be closing the SmallArtStuff website. Certainly the hosting is too expensive now and I am withdrawing the site from that hosting company primarily for the financial reason. However...

There are now dangers from the European Union, which intends to pass into law Article 13 (if it hasn't already), which will severely hinder hyperlink facilities and most likely expect people to pay for linking to other matter what they are. I am therefore looking at shifting SmallArtStuff to servers outside the EU. My main website in my own name is still on a British server, with a year's hosting still to run; that probably won't change unless the hosting company upsets me.

I have no intention of having my sites messed about with by authoritarians and being walked over by jackboots. All artists rely on links to other people, galleries, resources, etc so it has to be fought. If I find another host for SmallArtStuff I'll post the link here (before anyone charges me for it).

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