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Spoon-Bender: oil 8x8 inches

, 07:57

Occasionally I have a go at DailyPaintWorks' weekly challenge, and this week the theme is water. My subject isn't overly full of colour, but the refraction of light creates an interesting double image of the spoon. The oil was painted on a canvas-board that had been previously textured with some gesso, for another project that didn't happen. You can find the painting at DPW here:

Edge of the Storm: oil on board.

, 11:49

Edge of the Storm; oil on mdf board 6x5 inches: $40 at

Now uploaded at, a small oil painting on gessoed MDF board, 6x5 inches (that's 15 x 12 cm approx). The approaching edges of stormclouds at Derwentwater in the Lake District. I took lots of photos of this storm, abandoning my position at the lakeside when the rain finally began after a further five minutes or so. The painting is a buy-it-now, not an auction. Link here:

This item also at See Links panel on the right.

The New Newspage!

, 12:38

Right.... I don't know how this will go but I have in the past day or so selected a blog software package and installed it on my web-host's server (well, to be fair, the automated installer did it, but I'm not complaining!).

The main parts of my website don't get updated that often, but pages like News and DPWBids turn over more often. I enjoy fiddling with internet-technical stuff and therefore couldn't resist the idea of doing some changes. This blog should now serve ok for more regular updates. Some minor changes may occur eventually on the website, such as merging the DPWBids and News together to point to this blog.

If you've landed here from my website, then you can navigate back there again via the link at the very top of the BlogRoll (in the righthand menu), Flower and Landscape Paintings.

The last week has been quiet, I've had other things to do, so not much in the way of new work. I've got a few new gadgets to store my materials in and to work on, so will cover those here soon. Autumn is here but I've had to miss a number of opportunities to paint, due to heavy rain and other committments. As often happens, the first free day I get will see all the leaves on the ground and bare trees.