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, 12:18

Many years back I had a few small successes with prints and cards on Zazzle. These days it is a very overstuffed site, with zillions of products and the artist has a very tiny chance of being found. I may still go back there; but at present I am concentrating on a new account at

Not so many products, but that suits me because I honestly don't think my pictures are suited to trousers, jumpers and baby rompers.

I am here; (discontinued).

At present there are only three images; it takes time for me to work out what might suit and prepare the images for upload. I hope to get a few more pictures up there in due course, probably during the Christmas holidays.

I do have other cards available, on my main website,; these are six-inch square ones, and I have these available at home to post out. RedBubble unfortunately doesn't seem to do square cards.

The 15th December will be my last day for posting out anything, anywhere, until early January. I'll continue with blog entries for a week or so until close to Christmas and then......zzzzzzzzz......for a few days.