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Apple Trio: pastel pencil 8x6 inches

, 12:28

This one is also over at SmallArtStuff; haven't got much time for scanning this week, but I have just completed a nice little still life of dandelions that was actually started off with these same pastel pencils. That'll be for the next post.
The apple sketch was done in just over an hour, using all Conte a Paris pastel pencils; on a sheet of Colorfix paper. Yes it's quite gritty for pastel pencils but works very nicely; deposits quite a bit of loose dust and a little bit of light smudging is needed to keep it down (bit of fixative as well in the process). The range of Conte pencils isn't especially large (48 in total) but there are enough to create some nice images. The colours are more muted, not as brilliant as soft pastel because of the binder in the pencil-pigment. It is a little tricky to overlay the colours on this rougher surface since dust is created and the pencil-point makes furrows. It's simply a case of doing it and working out the problems en route.

"Cloudscape 1" : pastel, 13x9 inches

, 12:15

This piece will be, for a few weeks, my last one because of the Easter holiday period; and I will not have any time for painting during those days. I'm experiencing an overall mental balance between pastel and oil work; I am attempting to do at least one pastel during a week and also an oil painting. They don't always work out, so some weeks I'm stretched to get a picture ready and up for DailyPaintWorks. I will, though, be looking at subjects for after the holiday and hope to get outdoors as well on occasions when there is a good variety of clouds. There are precious few flowers right now in this garden that will make good subjects. I was hoping for some new tulip colours this year.....but a badger has dug up the bulbs :(

When I get the chance I will also be re-jigging parts of the website to make my smaller paintings directly available again. A couple of years ago there were technical difficulties, but last year I changed to a new hosting provider and have more control over what goes on. I'll also be dipping toes in the water for a tiny little new venture....not fully organised yet. More later.

Will start at DailyPaintWorks on Easter Monday. Link to follow; I will update this post. UPDATE: