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Interlude...for a day or so

, 18:42

Several new oil paintings have been started during the past couple of weeks but not yet progressed fully to a finished state. Also I am wrestling with a flower-and-vase pastel, attempting to develop the hatched lines underpainting-style that I tried out with a previous piece Pewter Mug and Daisies. In addition, it's raining so I can't take my work outside to photograph. Another floral pastel has headed westward to the USA and I hope the buyer will be pleased with it. Despite the extraordinary hot weather this summer and the lack of rain, I do actually have some decent flowers of my own in their garden tubs; several took part in the previous post Rudbeckias; and I'm looking around to make something of the zinnias which are still producing plenty of new buds.

Framing very small paintings (like 5x4 inches and smaller) has always been a challenge; and ready-made ones are not easy to find (or cheap). Although there are some suppliers on places like Ebay, the sizes are never quite right and the frames are always too chunky for a tiny-format painting. So this year I decided to get on and make my own. They are either for oils or acrylics on board or panel. Nothing requiring glass. I don't do "mini" pastels and rarely use watercolour these days (I used to, for ACEO cards but now I prefer oil or acrylic). Maybe I'll put together a post on what I produced this year and how.

Cottages and Garden, small paintings

, 12:35

I have taken a brief break from my usual pastels and returned to some very small paintings, basically to produce a few entries for a local event. It is some while since I painted this small, but I found it relatively easy to return to it. The cottages above are 4x4 inches (10x10cm), painted on a heavily-gessoed canvas panel, using acrylics. The next painting further below is a large court-garden folly, probably used for shelter from sun and rain. It is painted on a 4x3 inch gessoed mdf panel, again in acrylics.

Some years ago I used to produce 3.5 x 2.5-inch ACEO paintings (art card editions and originals) and put them through Ebay; these days it just isn't a viable exercise, by the time one has paid listing fees, sellers' fees, and what have you. Each of these paintings took me around 4 hours to complete; maybe a bit more. When such works only fetch on average £5 to £10 on Ebay, it really isn't worth the effort to list them there. I do occasionally do them, but only for myself or maybe a local event/exhibition.

Zinnia in Jar; Oils 6x6 inches

, 14:14

A quick one on this occasion; small still life with zinnia set up and painted over a couple of days instead of my usual couple of hours, due to other home activities. It would have been nice to have more time to spend adjusting the really fluorescent red colouring of this flower, but unfortunately not to be. I completed it in a more simple graphic style and decided to let it rest there.

Evening Yachts: oil, 4x3 inches

, 12:30

Here's a little one to pass the time with:

At auction as from February 9th, starting at $7: