General Updates and Info

My other website SmallArtStuff has now been taken down from its hosting-site. I might relaunch it at some future date, but right now I want to concentrate on more painting, after a hectic few weeks. If you visit my main website, you’ll find the majority of paintings are offered via, which is an independent online gallery. Up until a few years ago, I used to mark up every painting on my site with Paypal buttons; despite doing so, most sales seemed to come via other channels. I therefore decided to give up on this and row in with OAU100’s sales route.

I’m now painting on only about two or three days per week, on average. Not by choice, but more through having to do so, to accommodate other work and responsibilities. Despite that, the number of pictures produced so far this year has been very satisfactory; I am not prolific and don’t generally work “large”, so these factors help.

I am slowly resigning myself to the fact that I must paint within a number of constraints….small workspace, limited time, limited display opportunities. Pastel is an excellent medium for achieving this because there is no drying-time and things can be either framed immediately or stored away for later. I have tended to have a battle with acrylics, but recently created three very small-format paintings in a tight style, which worked out well (see “Cottages and Garden” in earlier posts)…again, drying-time is fast and work can be quickly put away upon completion. Two of the themes were local, so not a wide audience-interest…I will consider producing some more small-scale works using acrylic on smooth board, and try to find some wider-interest subjects.

And what of oils…much longer to dry. I have been very tempted with recent articles on the use of cold wax with oils. The majority of folk seem to be producing abstract works with it, but I’ve also seen paintings which I’d regard as more impressionistic….recognisable subjects but infused with glowing patches of light and texture. In a few cases I thought initially they were pastels. There may be some scope here for me for my “playtime”.

Finally…how to add more interest to the website. Some years back I used to produce the occasional video, made up of still-frames. Rather time-consuming and rather lost on You-Tube; but might give it another go, now that I’ve got a better camera.

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