“Hydrangea Woods”: oil 12×10 inches

Finally back to doing some constructive work, although not without various interruptions during the day. There are real disadvantages to working from home, too many distractions such as uncleaned floors and junk-piles to sort. It has become quite a mental battle to forcefully shoe-horn artwork into the day. However there are a couple of things currently in progress; one is a slow-growing pencil drawing and another is an imaginary seascape in oils. Today’s piece has been in progress since mid-August but there isn’t much more to sort out on it.

This woodland path was well stocked with flowering hydrangea bushes and I took a number of photos of it at the time. The surface is mdf board. The paint itself is rather matt (ie no shiny areas), due to the fact that I mixed in a small amount of cold wax to the paint. No brushes have been used in the painting, only a small painting-knife. The paint has been pushed around and modelled, to form the background tree and branches, along with the numerous hydrangea flower-heads.

In the distance is a gentle golden light, again made by just pushing the modified paint around. I will be extending the tree branches towards the left edge of the picture; they look just a little cramped in their current state. There is also a bottom corner that needs populating with a small shrub or two, just lightly….and then it’s probably complete. The picture itself is very slightly cropped off on the left….I couldn’t fit it all in the scanner.

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