“Gourd with Marigold”; oil 8×8 inches

Today’s picture is an oil on canvas-board, one of my usual small-format studies. A nice knobbly gourd provides central interest, with a two-tone orange and green colouring. The dark background provides contrast for the orange colour, as also with the single marigold bloom below it.

Another local exhibition is coming soon, just before Christmas, so I will shortly be working out what to enter for it. I am also trying to get a few more pieces finished for my gallery at Original-Art-Under100; to this end I’m presently working in acrylic for some faster-drying products.

There have been quite a number of still-lifes this year. I am finding that these are working out well, especially if flowers can be incorporated into the set-up. While it is nice to paint flowers on their own, I have often felt that need to set them up differently, in an environment of some kind. Including them with jars or a vase and background will probably be the direction I now take…..rather than making flower “portraits”. In addition, if they present themselves nicely in a garden environment without requiring re-arrangement, then that will do nicely too.

Recent examples have been Casual Gold (now sold), and Echinacea:

I reviewed my rather large collection of art materials recently. Some items are rarely used, such as oil pastels, neocolors. However, I know from past experience that if I clear them out, I will suddenly get an urge to use them. This has happened more than once. So, I am retaining them and intend to experiment more with them. The resulting works are not always the “saleable” kind but there is a lot to be learned from the outcomes.

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