“Autumn Gathering”: acrylic 12×12 inches

Trying to complete a few more pictures before the end of the year; working in acrylic at present for quicker results. Here’s “Autumn Gathering”, painted direct from the subject on a 12×12 inch canvasboard (30x30cm for the imperially-challenged). I find rigid surfaces give brighter colours in acrylic, the paint is not absorbed quite so quickly, as if on a sponge. This painting was done by viewing the set-up from above and painting in relatively thin layers to start with.

Few colours used; cobalt blue and pale yellow cadmium for the greens; cadmium red light, cadmium orange and quinacridone red for the various reds; ultramarine blue for modifying the mixes and also glazing for shadows. The warm white of the dish was a mix of titanium white and cadmium orange, with a hint of cobalt blue. The tablecloth was pure random experimentation; thin colour washes overlaid on each other, on the white canvas-board; left to dry and then overlaid again. Finally the circular shapes of the apples were repeated as a tablecloth design, purely from imagination (my actual background colour was a grey sheet of protective paper, since the work was completed flat on the floor).

I use a watery mix of Golden polymer medium and water for general painting and moving the pigment around; and then a thicker mix of the polymer medium (more polymer, much less water) when I want a glossier finish. Since I use heavy-body acrylics, I avoid using solely water as the mixing-medium.

This painting is up on the website and also over at original-Art-Under100.com

Fnally; a year or so ago I was contemplating moving this blog onto a WordPress self-hosted platform; but held off because I discovered that it is just about impossible to transfer over the whole blog here at Dotclear by way of a convenient plug-in or export tool. Today, one or two technical bugs are making me re-think that decision. Each post I make cannot be previewed before I publish it, which is very irritating. I don’t know why this is and I’ve also found I can no longer get onto the Dotclear forum to pose a question. It will mean that in order to retain the length of the blog, I will have to copy/paste every single entry and image that I’ve made since 2015…a long job, but not impossible, since I have not posted every day (thank goodness). Having run a WordPress blog on the now defunct SmallArtStuff website, I think I shall manage it ok. I only have one database available to me, hence if I install WordPress then this platform (that you are reading now) will have to be removed.

(as you can see, the move has happened!).

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