“Celestial Arches”; oil 12×9 inches

So let’s get back to yesterday’s post over on the old Dotclear platform; re-written here now as the start to our new WordPress set-up.

Today’s picture is another “playtime” piece, using oils and cold wax on Arches oil paper. Abstract things are not a strong subject for me, but there is a sense of satisfaction in pushing paint around on a board and not expecting any masterful outcome. Having done the previous piece “Corrosion” on a plain surfaced mdf board, I ran out of that and settled for a small sheet of Arches specially-treated oil paper.

This paper is very smooth and quite absorbent. The oil dries quickly and can soon be painted over, scraped, scratched or modified. I have a few plastic combs and spatulas that come in handy for this work. They’re normally used for spreading icing on cakes (well, not these actual ones!!) but are good for applying gesso on boards or paper. The wide-tooth tool was employed here for creating the arch shapes, cutting through pale blue oil-paint to reveal a golden-orange underlayer.

After three or four years running Pinterest boards, I’ve closed them all down….for the time being, at least. Just simply got tired of pinning things and seeing very little internet traffic as a result of keeping them going. Nice site but just a time-waster. Never really fathomed out how it works; too clever at times for its own good. The site seems to assume that members already know how to use it when they join; instruction isn’t easy to find and some of the controls are just too intuitive….i.e symbols that aren’t immediately obvious as to their meaning.

I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks getting work ready for the annual local group show. A bit of mount-cutting, bit of framing here and there; tidy up the workspace, throw out sub-standard paintings. I’m also planning to revive the prints and cards section; oddly enough, although I discontinued it many months ago, it still shows up in my web-stats which means it’s still “out there” somewhere….

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