“Sea and Sand”: acrylic 24×20 inches

This past week I’ve been busy adding all the old blog posts into the new WordPress site here. They’re not all completed yet; I’m in 2017 with 2016 still to go. A few images are missing; I have to track them down, if I can. Also a few relatively mediocre posts without images have been left out.

Apart from that, it is set up and running fine with no problems. The only slight disappointment with this template is that the images don’t show up at the very start of each post. I can however post the image from the newest blog-post over on the right-hand side, at the top of the column.

This week’s picture is an experimental one, on canvas, using acrylic, sandy-paste, gloss gel and real sand. It was worked out as I went along, with no particular pre-planning other than the use of horizontal stripes.

The bottom section is Vallejo sandy paste, which is a lovely easy-spread substance. It’s been tinted with a little ochre and orange after drying. Sections further up have been made with either just plain paint or light layers of gel gloss to create little ridges. Bronze metallic strips have been added in between some areas.

The sea was painted dark blue, dried and coated with gloss gel, then stroked over with a fine-toothed comb to make waves. Finally at the top, a coat of extra gesso was painted on, then sprinkled with real sand and left to dry. The area was painted intuitively, using successive shades of grey and sienna to get a colour-balance, and washed over with a watery solution of Golden’s fluid acrylic “Bright Gold”. The sun was added almost as an afterthought but it slotted in nicely into the granular surface.

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