Coast View: oil 12×9 inches

Really busy this week and from now till the end of the year, so not much is going to happen in the way of “stunning” paintings….unless I get lucky. This week’s painting is of a local shoreline and is getting ready for framing. It is in oils, but painted on Arches Oil paper, which is specially treated for receiving oil paint and solvent.

I have done a few small works on it before and have found it very satisfying to paint on. It’s possible to work thick and thin paint on it….almost watercolour-like at times because the paper does encourage a degree of colour-diffusion.

Finished works can be mounted on board and varnished, but I generally prefer to frame them under glass, like most paper-art.

Our group’s local show happens at the end of November/early December; open to the public only for one day, however. This being 1st December. Pill Community Centre, near Bristol: 10am-4pm

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