Apple Group: neocolor 9×9 inches

As said last week, busy time now cuts into my painting-hours, so I’ve had to be content with a more mess-about few hours.

This week’s piece is very simple; a “mess-about” few hours with neocolor 2 watersoluble pastels, worked on white Pastelmat card. I have also attempted to create some kind of still-frame video for this painting; not quite ready yet, it’s not an easy task.

Neocolor 2 pastels (I hate calling them crayons) are excellent for drawing and then adding water to create washes. The dry colour becomes much more vibrant when water is added, although it is perfectly acceptable without. A combination of dry lines and wet washes within the same painting is easily achieved. I like using Pastelmat card because it has a slight tooth for grabbing the waxy colour. One thing I have found though….and that is, the tooth can get filled up after seven or eight layers, even with water added. Water diffuses across pastelmat card in a rather different way from watercolour paper and is, perhaps, more difficult to control.

Labelling of paintings today for exhibition. A small watercolour in progress (rare); and I am looking through my drawings and photos for new ideas for oils on Arches paper.

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