“Wild Columbine”: watermedia 6×6 inches

I have no new pastels or oils to put online at this point in time. Having spent the past week getting work framed ready for exhibition, time to do new stuff hasn’t materialised. This week’s picture therefore is an “old” one….created a couple of years ago after reading an article by Ian Sidaway in which he describes how to make a form of egg tempera using watercolours and egg-yolk (I think I’ve got that right…embarrassingly although I retained the article at the time, I’ve now lost it).

The hot-pressed paper was first brushed with gelatin and left to dry. Then eggyolk was extracted from the shell and used to mix into watercolour (tube variety is best). The resulting paint dries almost instantly on the paper and brushstrokes have to be small. I wish I hadn’t lost that darned article because I’d like another go at it. The unusual mix was used for this wild columbine painting, on HP watercolour paper, and using Winsor and Newton’s set of miniature painting brushes.

The oil painting “Coast View” from two posts back has now gone to a new home; it was a piece completed in 2017 that has been sitting in the rear of the Arches oil-paper pad ever since it was dry enough. It was a late decision to enter it for show. There you are, you never know what will take people’s attention.  I don’t think I am likely to get much more painting done this month, what with Christmas and all….

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