Poinsettia: pastel on gold paper 15×11″

This will probably be my final post before Christmas. An interesting year, art-wise, with several quite different subject-matter pieces finding their way to new homes since March, including one overseas.

Last week’s oil/wax experiment ended up with more colour on it, but not in quite the way I planned. In the process I also scraped through the paper surface….not a good idea, consequently wrecking the whole thing. It happens; there are many more opportunities to test this interesting paint/medium combination.

Today’s picture is, I’m afraid, one from the recent past; I’ve had no time to make new work this week. A sheet of watercolour paper painted with gold acrylic paint and textured with clear gesso before working on with pastel.

So this is the last entry until 2019. January unfortunately may yield very little in the way of new work, due to family’s requirements, but we’ll just wait and see.

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