Mixed Tulips; pastel 13×9 inches

With the New Year still to come, I have been doing a lot of tidying up in my workspace, as most painters do at this time of year. I am still cramped by obsolete computer hardware and the remnants of craftwork, but that will go in due time.

Work in frames that I don’t wish to get rid of is wrapped up in bubblewrap. There are still old canvas stretchers sitting around that may become firewood; they have too many staple holes in them now. Offcuts of paper and mountboard have to be culled because my storage drawer is full to the top. But it is all a long job.

I’ve decided that pastels will be focused back towards flowers next year, whether they be stand-alone or part of a still-life. So this week’s picture is actually rather unfinished, but is heading towards a nice bright mix of tulips on a spring-green ground.

Landscape doesn’t seem to do so well for me, in pastels. Conversely, oils of anything seem to have done nicely…my Pinterest page (https://pinterest.com/floralands) has rocketed in viewers during the holiday, after adding a few cloud paintings. Must be a sign; so I’ll be seeking new material on that theme.

I have a fair-sized collection of art books, always looking to read something new. I picked up a second-hand book recently that is out of print, called The Luminous Brush, about egg tempera painting. I am aware that the text and images are online free to read, and also available much more cheaply in digital format. However, some of the ebook websites offering FREE downloads make you jump through hoops and provide credit-card details before you can download….so, no thanks! I’ll stick with the real book.

I have a few ideas ready to start 2019, so let’s see how it goes…

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