“Cloud”; pastel sketch 12×9″

With not a lot of time available over the coming week or so, I am having to content myself with a brief oil painting, which is under way (not pictured) on Arches oil-paper.

It will be a relatively simple landscape with a large cloud. The basics have been painted in but I didnt want to scan it and present an in-progress piece; so I decided to do a half-hour or so sketch of the cloud, in pastel. The above image is on Daler Ingres paper, a surface that I don’t particularly like because of all the lines in it. However the purpose was to explore the cloud structure, ready for the oil painting (when I can get the time to push it on).

I suspect the oil painting will create a more solid looking cloud; this pastel one has actually worked out rather nicely, though. Ingres paper has virtually no tooth so it’s not easy to add more pastel on top, which is one reason it looks rather more muted than my usual offerings on toothy card. I used a couple of very pale cadmium orange pastels in the “whiteness” of the cloud (they are never really white in late afternoon light); and some mauve-greys for the shadows. A couple of blues; one towards green for the lower sky.

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