Cloud study: oil 8×8″

Last week, I didn’t get a huge amount of work completed, but at least this little one in oils is almost there so selected it for the week.

I am gradually using up my canvas-board stocks. I’ve decided to move on to smooth surfaces such as oil-paper (Arches) or Ampersand gessobord simply because I no longer have a preference for the canvas-grain. This cloud study is in gentle shades of grey-mauve, supported below by a simple open landscape; the original had buildings in it but after having painted them in, they clashed for attention with the cloud so I painted them out again.

Permanent alizarin, ultramarine blue, a little thalo blue, cadmium yellow/light yellow mix, and titanium white. The paint has dried down into the board and I may have to rework a few areas, lightly. Then rub a little oil into it to bring the colour back.

I am finding myself far more interested in the sky than the landscape elements. As a result, I’m also exploring watermedia on paper in order to create different types of skies. Oils are excellent for adding “weight” to clouds, but some sky scenes are so filled with light that oils don’t always feel right for the job.

Finally….A few new plants brought in today for drawing (and eventually then to the garden). I’ll be aiming to produce some more pastel-pencil work and maybe a few experimental ones on the lines of “Polyanthus” from the previous post.

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