Old Glass: watercolour 7×10″

Old Glass; watercolour 10×7 inches

Several small experimental things in progress right now, nothing really finished; this week has not been particularly productive. A watercolour with some reasonable promise had to be abandoned due to the fact that I chose the wrong side of the paper (again) and couldn’t spread the paint effectively. There are weeks like this, now and then, when you wonder why you paint.

I have never really done a lot with watercolour. I’ve always liked more solid colours, given by oils and pastels. In addition I haven’t yet found my preferred surface for watermedia; maybe this will be a subject for another post.

Today we have more than just standard watercolour available. There are acrylic inks, fluid acrylics, concentrated Hydrus watercolour and more. It will take me a while to find my feet with these; I have handled them before, but only occasionally. Today’s painting is a revisit to watercolour on its own. Just a simple still life set-up with a couple of Victorian glass bottles.

This had to be more or less finished in under two hours because the light was moving round. I worked on a small pad of Langton Prestige NOT paper, which I rather like for its slightly toothy surface. The brown bottle was quite difficult to colour-match but I tried a golden yellow wash first, followed by cadmium orange with a spot of alizarin; then burnt sienna, plus some more permanent alizarin on top of that. The smaller bottle only needed a little light mauve in places; its shape was mainly defined by the darker colour around it. Bottle shadows were painted directly onto white paper and left untouched.

I have some more experimental watercolour pieces which I will share at a later date.

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