Clouds and Sea; watercolour 11×8″

Watercolour on Langton paper 11×8 inches

A new floral pastel is just coming to the finishing stage and I hope to get that on the blog next time, or the post afterwards. Meanwhile, I have been dabbling around with watercolour, to see whether the medium might be worth my while progressing further with.

This week’s picture is just a simple play with the wash and lift-out technique. It is on Langton cold-pressed paper, which I quite like because it has a bit of tooth to it. I put on an ultramarine wash and left it to partly dry; while working out where to put a horizon line. With a piece of kitchen towel I lifted out areas of the blue wash to create cloud effects (I wasn’t working from any particular sketch or photo for this).

Once dry, I added extra mauve-grey colouring for shadowed areas and a few touches of pale yellow ochre. The sea-line was made with ultramarine blue washes, plus a little alizarin crimson; and the beach area was quinacridone gold.

I rather liked carrying out the lifting process; it allows me to almost draw the cloud shapes merely through subtraction of the pigment. Once dry, more colour can be gently added. I will be looking for suitable subjects now. This means I can now choose between using oils or watercolours, depending on the atmosphere perceived in the subject. The landscape elements are likely to be secondary.

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