Welsh Summertime: oils 8×8″

These are mountains near Portmadoc, North Wales, seen not far from the Welsh Highland railway line. I had hoped to do the painting on some oil-paper but discovered I had run out, so had to go to Plan B.

I had a battle with this painting, which is on a canvasboard. The clouds painted up nicely, as did the hills. The pre-planned foreground of tall grasses, however, sank into the canvasboard as it dried over the next few days; this often happens when mass-produced boards do not receive enough primer during production. I have been caught out like this before…even two or three extra coats of gesso do not always solve the problem. The result is that oil is sucked out of the paint and the whole area dries dull and matt-looking.

However…I wiped the foreground and started again, this time paying more regard to the fresh green field that actually lay just beyond the grasses. A thicker working of paint finally fixed things in place; the little groups of meadow-flowers added, along with some foreground shadowy growth made with alizarin and some green “meadow-mix”.

Some changes on the site; I have taken off the videos, since they don’t seem to be attracting enough views and in any case I need the server-space. The Paintings and Drawings gallery has been “weeded”, taking out very old work and retaining the newer images.

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