Seedheads: ink, 11×9″ approx

My work room has a small invasion of bees, so I have stopped any further oil painting for the time being. I’ve moved my pastels and some drawing materials to another room; with the intention of bringing back a style of work that I used to do, similar to “Gerbera” from a recent post.

Today’s seedheads picture was produced on paper coated with black ink (Ph Martin Bombay black); left to dry and then the shapes were painted with white (ink). Unlike “Gerbera”, I have added no further colour to the work, leaving the seed pods and stems as clear-cut forms. Dried material such as this is ideal for studying and drawing because it doesn’t go limp or shrivel up.

Some people don’t like the starkness of black backgrounds, so I would like to try a few variations, such as deep brown, blue and green. For these I currently have FW acrylic inks; they are lightfast and spread easily on card or paper. It would be good to try other brands as well.

White ink can be problematic, in that pigmented types can settle out on the bottom of the bottle as a lump; even when shaken, the lump doesn’t always fully disperse. It may also clog the pipette provided with the bottle. I need to research white ink brands further…..there are rather a lot more these days, than when I first started trying inks. It is possible to use white acrylic tube paint instead, although rather thicker than ink. I once tried gouache paint as well, over the black ink, but the results are highly dependent on what the black ink is….if it is a waterproof kind, then the gouache doesn’t always hold. It does work, however, over FW ink.

I’ll be expanding on these ideas in due time.

Finally: I’ll be putting a few pieces in at the annual art show in Backwell, Bristol; 26th and 27th July. They are “Sun and Shadows”, “Apple Trio” and “Clouds at Threlkeld”.

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