Nutshell Bridge, Stroud Canal; acrylic 6×4 inches

Having now found a frame for my Marmalade Rudbeckias, I am sorting the framing for my other exhibition-intended pictures. In between that I have been working on another small-scale painting, the result of which is above. This one proved a little more tricky to execute, being smaller than its buddy from a couple of blogposts earlier.

Must admit I have found it difficult to manipulate acrylic paint on HP paper. It is very absorbent and tends to prevent any attempt at making a colour-wash. I have used acrylic paint diluted with a little water for the early layers; applying it with small brushes in a gentle dabbing motion, which has proved quite useful for the sky areas. White acrylic, however, is not as opaque as you might think; it sinks into the paper and can become a bit dirty to look at, so an extra application or two seems required. The tree foliage is stippled on with a little bristle brush or a somewhat worn-out modellers’ paintbrush which usually has stiffer bristles than those of a watercolour equivalent. Acrylic dries quickly, thus permitting these multiple layers to be made in the same working-session.

I may try this method with oils on either paper or Polymin. Once before I tried Arches Huile paper at small-scale but found the nap was raised when damp. I need to try again, and invent another start-up method. Polymin is a smooth plastic-type card, created to replace ivorine which has been extensively used by miniature-painters. I have painted with oils on ivorine just the once….very smooth but takes paint well. Lots to experiment with.

I have been wondering whether to introduce a small-format display-page on the main website, since more of these will be coming along in due course. Or, perhaps on this WordPress site. Keeping them separate from the larger pastels and oils. More to think about.

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