Galloway Lighthouse with Cloud; 2.5×3.5 inches

Continuing the small ACEO themes, using Hydrus watercolours and white gouache; this has long been a favourite view of the white lighthouse at The Rhins, Galloway. Painted on hot-pressed watercolour paper, 2.5 x 3.5 inches (9 x 6cm). It was incredibly windy when I stood there with camera and note-book, quite impossible to paint.

I will be adding the recent aceo images to a new web page over at the main site. They will probably also be for sale (haven’t decided on a price yet), however they won’t be going on Ebay because that monstrosity demands too much of the profit.

The hydrus watercolours are proving to work very well with white gouache and I might look to buy a few more colours to expand the range. These brush onto the paper without granulation….an effect which is usually welcomed in watermedia, but I’m using a very smooth surface (either HP paper or mountboard). I could use inks, but once applied they are permanent and I prefer to be able to move the colour around. White gouache is very opaque…more so than white acrylic. It is fine once dried, but can be lifted again easily with a damp brush. The finished picture has a matte look to it and the white areas reflect a lot of light.

Winsor and Newton’s set of miniature brushes is used for most of the detail, although early colour lay-ins are sometimes done with an older small round sable. I also have some Polymin to try out as a surface; this is used by miniature-painters and tends to accept oils very well, so plenty of scope for variation.

2019 draws to a close. I may have one or two more posts before Christmas but they aren’t likely to feature the usual-sized paintings because my spare time is now running quite thin.

Due to some disk-space problems, a number of images from 2016 and early 2017 blog posts have had to be deleted. Fortunately the problem has been solved and I don’t expect to have to remove any more for the time being.

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