Square Dance; pastel 6×6 inches

First and foremost, a notification that my main static website will be having a face-lift very soon; before the end of this year and quite likely not long after this blog post has been activated. See the end of this post for more details.

I did this for a bit of leisure, as opposed to any fancy pre-planned idea. I wanted to work out whether pastel could be used in an abstract manner to create interesting designs and look painterly. There seems to be only a handful of artists using pastel in an abstract manner. We are used to this genre being presented in either acrylics or oils. However, although I’m not an abstracty-type of creator, I do think pastel offers the best of both drawing and painting worlds. Broad sweeps of colour can be mingled with delicate lines and dots, if wished. And you don’t have to wait for anything to dry.

This will probably be the last post before the Christmas holiday. I shall be thinking about what sort of painting to do next year. I have a number of personal projects, all of which are rather diverse and it’s difficult to know sometimes which ones to get on with. I think, however, that smaller-sizes will prevail. I’ll be carrying on with my usual pastel subjects, but I’d like to get more drawing in….lines, tonal work, tech-pen and try unusual combinations…I like to experiment. For example, watercolour with Conte pastel-pencil drawings gave some interesting results and there’s much to explore there; like the red onions below:

Red Onions: Conte pastel-pencil and watercolour on PastelMat card

Finally; a quick re-design of the main website. I tend to do it every couple of years, to tidy things up. The following pages will be dropped; Themes, and the Links page. Also there will no longer be separate pages for each painting showing a larger image along with the work’s details. Why? Well, Themes has gone along ok but I don’t feel I can sustain it for another year. The Links page…no-one seems to use it and in any case a lot of people have given up having them on their own sites. The separate pages for each painting have been replaced by two things; (a) a description that appears when the computer-mouse is hovered over the image and (b) a new page listing the full details of each current-offered work, along with prices and delivery costs.

I am not using Paypal buttons on the site, configuring them for British versus overseas sales is just too time-consuming. I use Paypal invoicing instead. If you have any of these pages bookmarked, please note they’ll disappear before 2020, since I intend to put the upgraded site in place well before the New Year. In addition, all pages will use .html instead of .htm, so that might make a difference in your browsers.

Delivery of paintings…no further will be done now until the New Year. So, all the best for Christmas and New Year, and I will have (or should have!) another post here in early January 2020…if not before.

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