Chrysanthemums: coloured pencil 12×9 in.

It is quite a long time since I used coloured pencils. My tin of Faber Castell colours has been sitting idle for over two years. It is certainly not a fast medium; this small drawing took me several working sessions of over 2 hours each time, working from the potted plant. It was not a particularly good specimen either, since the flowers wilted well before I could get finished, but it was enough to get me on the road, so to speak, with familiarising myself again with the tools.

I need to work on a different paper. This one was Lana cartridge paper, which is very nice but I found it a bit soft for my liking. My preference is more towards a good hot-pressed paper so that I can start with a watercolour wash before adding coloured pencil…..rather than starting with the pale pencil colours on stark white. Coloured pencils are not especially opaque unless heavily layered, which is why they have a watercolour-like appearance if used lightly. I have found it very useful for the more “delicate” look.

I have just purchased more green colours from the Faber Castell range and hope to produce more flower pictures in the coming weeks, using them.

There is a sense of change coming over what I am painting; I have not, for example, used my oils since before Christmas. The inner drive seems heavily geared towards drawing….with whatever is to hand…and coming back to exploring pencils in their various forms. However, this does not worry me too much because a spell away from a familiar medium can be a good thing. Later on I will no doubt return to the oils with new ideas. I think, though, for certain that doing flowers in the more delicate media such as various pencils or watercolour is right for me.

NB This may be the last post in February….I have scanner issues that need fixing, so new work will have to wait till that’s done.

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