New Venture

It has been some years since I had any work tied up with a print-on-demand company. I have tended to avoid them, being a traditional image-maker as opposed to digital designer using graphics software. However….I have now relented and am working through many of my paintings from the past two or three years, to see whether they are digitally suitable for using on print-on-demand products.

I am placing images at two platforms:

The first is FineArtAmerica:

And also a store at Redbubble:

I don’t know which of these (if either) will prove to be the better one, so I shall run both for a while and see how the visitor numbers go. I intend FineArtAmerica to carry my images primarily for prints, cards and canvases; and Redbubble for the things such as cases, various covers, mugs, etc.

After some twenty years with artwork online, I have accumulated a lot of images. Not all were scanned at high enough resolutions to make them suitable for further use, but I am going through them now to winkle out the best ones. Sold works have of course gone out of my hands now, so cannot be re-scanned, but that is the way of it.

I’ve avoided getting into computer graphics because my knowledge has been limited. However, a combination of hand-drawn artwork and digital manipulation has turned up a few interesting results; these have been placed at the Redbubble site on some products; for example, below is a pattern derived from a watercolour painting that I did a few years ago, featuring a yellow rose:

It scanned and digitised very well, allowing me to create a tiled pattern. I am a fast learner with computer software, so I’m aiming to push on with (a) my standard pastel paintings as before, for sale and exhibition, but also (b) looking at new creations by combining original small paintings with digital processing.

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