“Sea and Sand”: acrylic 24×20 inches

This past week I’ve been busy adding all the old blog posts into the new WordPress site here. They’re not all completed yet; I’m in 2017 with 2016 still to go. A few images are missing; I have to track them down, if I can. Also a few relatively mediocre posts without images have been […]

“Autumn Gathering”: acrylic 12×12 inches

Trying to complete a few more pictures before the end of the year; working in acrylic at present for quicker results. Here’s “Autumn Gathering”, painted direct from the subject on a 12×12 inch canvasboard (30x30cm for the imperially-challenged). I find rigid surfaces give brighter colours in acrylic, the paint is not absorbed quite so quickly, […]

“Cottages and Gardens”: acrylic 4×4 inches

I have taken a brief break from my usual pastels and returned to some very small paintings, basically to produce a few entries for a local event. It is some while since I painted this small, but I found it relatively easy to return to it. The cottages above are 4×4 inches (10x10cm), painted on […]

“Dimensions”: acrylic 24×20 inches

An abstract using overlaid squares and rectangles in shadowy shades of deep purple, blues and black, offset with scatterings of silver and accented with creamy-white. This painting almost didn’t happen. It began life as a semi-abstract landscape-style layout, which became too dark and was systematically scraped down then overpainted with deep blue-grey. Using the resulting […]