Gathering Clouds: watermedia, 3.5×2.5 inches

I am not in a frame of mind for producing larger pastel pictures right now. With just a couple of weeks to go before Christmas I am running out of time to give to preparing sketches for new ideas. So, with a few blank templates still available in my “cut-up paper and board” drawer, I’m […]

Late Afternoon: oil 14×11″

My first efforts on Arches oil-paper a year or so back were fairly successful, with a couple of pieces being sold. Those were actually done from a pad of 12×9-inch sheets, so when I recently purchased a couple of full-size loose sheets I wasn’t expecting any problems. This week’s painting gave me plenty. I am […]

Interlude….for a day or so…

Several new oil paintings have been started during the past couple of weeks but not yet progressed fully to a finished state. Also I am wrestling with a flower-and-vase pastel, attempting to develop the hatched lines underpainting-style that I tried out with a previous piece Pewter Mug and Daisies. In addition, it’s raining so I […]